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  • Want to declutter your desk and improve your efficiency? This minimalistic organizer with a built-in photo frame is designed to hold your office or makeup supplies while displaying your favorite photo. Every organizer is handcrafted with carefully selected beech wood.

    Wood Photo & Pen Holder

    • Smart Design: The stylish office or makeup supplies organizer has a built-in photo frame.

      High Quality: Our organizers are made of carefully selected beech wood and every piece is handcrafted.

      Two Layout Options: Choose from either vertical or horizontal organizers.



      Size: Horizontal  #3.86in * #2.76in *# 2.09 in

              Vertical  #3.86in *#2.83 in * #2.28 in

      Weight:H 3.67oz;V 4.34oz

      Color: Beech